They are begging to be heard. We must listen. We must act.

The images and videos of violence we’ve seen from the past several days are difficult to watch, but essential to witness. The fight for justice and truth should never be stopped or silenced.

I have spent my career fighting for equality, justice, and progress. I care deeply about our community and have worked to document police misconduct in racial profiling, and prosecutorial misconduct through the Racial Justice Act.

I worked to pass the South’s first anti-racial profiling bill, fought to reform juvenile justice programs, and opposed laws that would take our state backward.

Along with our community leaders, I have fought for policies that dismantle discrimination everywhere injustice is found. But there is so much work to be done.

In Congress, I will continue to fight for justice and the rights of all people. I will continue to push for economic security and social mobility for all people. I will work with anyone and everyone to create meaningful legislation that gets to the root of systemic racial injustice in this country.

We must all pay attention to this moment — we must understand that it’s on all of us to achieve progress and deliver justice. And we must work together so that we can move forward.

Let us all lean on each other to heal, and come together peacefully. There’s hard work ahead to create a society that recognizes injustice and repairs it with humanity.

Stay safe.