Meet Deborah Ross

Chances are, you already know Deborah. She and her husband, Steve Wrinn, are active in the Raleigh community where they’ve worked and lived for over 25 years.

Deborah grew up in a small town and from a young age her parents instilled in her the belief that with opportunity comes responsibility and that through public service she could help others and make a difference.

Deborah came to North Carolina for law school at UNC-Chapel Hill and became an active member of the local community. Deborah’s public service started in 2002 when she ran for and won a seat in the N.C. House of Representatives, where she served for more than ten years. As a Representative, Deborah worked to protect voting rights, fund transit and transportation projects, increase access to affordable housing and raise the minimum wage for state employees. Deborah served as both Majority and Minority Whip and chaired the Judiciary, Ethics and Election Laws Committees.

As a civil rights lawyer, Deborah has fought for fairness and justice, to level the playing field. In private practice, she works for a cleaner energy future. In the classroom, Deborah has passed these same values on to her students so the next generation can lead our communities into a fairer more sustainable future.

Deborah and Steve live in Raleigh with their objectively adorable dog, Wylie.