Get the Judiciary Committee Back on Track

In Congress, I am proud to serve on the Judiciary Committee—it’s a serious committee engaged in serious work to protect the fundamental civil rights and freedoms of all Americans. 

Or at least it used to be. 

Now, though, the unfortunate reality is that Chairman Jim Jordan is using the Judiciary Committee for cheap political stunts and dangerous attacks on our U.S. Constitution. 

House Republicans like Jim Jordan are using their power to weaponize our Congress, obstruct independent Justice Department investigations, and waste taxpayer dollars launching baseless investigations for political clout and clickbait. Jim Jordan and the House GOP are backed by deep-pocketed mega-donors, and it is going to take everything in our power to defeat them in 2024.

House Democrats like Jerry Nadler, Joe Neguse, and I are taking the opportunity to call for an end to the obstruction in the Judiciary Committee and get back on track to legislate on the most important issues facing Americans and their families.

My Democratic colleagues and I are not backing down. Instead, we are laser-focused on holding the line and taking back the majority in the House.