This Veterans Day let us honor those who have risked their lives to defend our nation and our ideals.

To those of you who have served, are currently serving, or have a family member or loved one in the armed forces, thank you. Today we acknowledge the sacrifices of our soldiers and veterans. We never truly can repay the debt we owe them.

As a country, we must back our gratitude with policies and actions that support our military and their families during and after service, on Veterans Day and every day.

Too often, our veterans are left out in the cold when they return home. We must have programs in place to ensure our veterans have better access to health care, mental health services, support for their future careers, and so much more.

I will fight for our veterans and military families every day in Congress, and work to ensure that those who have served receive the critical care, support, and resources they deserve.

To our veterans, thank you for your service. I hope you all have a meaningful Veterans Day.